Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure

What is the rhinoplasty surgery procedure?

Rhinoplasty is a type of surgery which involves the nose; sometimes it is called a nose job. It is good to keep the nose in the right proportion, hence maintaining the facial balance. A well-qualified and experienced surgeon will ensure the surgery is performed perfectly. The rhinoplasty surgery will also remove structural defects, and this will improve breathing. When surgery is done to improve breathing, it requires great evaluation and expertise. This is because it involves the nasal structure (adjusting it to a better alignment), which is related to breathing and airflow. A nose job may involve rhinal asymmetry, changing of wide or upturned nostrils, nose size and width, an enlarged nose tip, or a nose with depression. When undertaking a surgery to obtain facial balance, consider the fact that each face is asymmetric and so the results won’t be exactly symmetric.

Cost of the procedure when planning to have rhinoplasty, it is good to consider the cost of taking the surgery. The price will vary depending on the surgeon; each will quote their price according to affordability, experience, and services, but the average price is $8,000.

As much as one may prefer cheap, remember it is a surgery, and it requires specialized skills. Cheap is expensive, and as long as the job is performed perfectly, it is worth the extra cost. It is crucial to confirm whether the quoted cost will include anesthesia fee, facility cost, prescription medication, pre-surgery garments, clinical test and surgeon’s fee. The patient might budget for the process, only to learn they have to add some cash for services, which were not included. Always use a board-certified surgeon; this will ensure the price paid is in line with others in the area.

Consultation and considerations

There are several factors to consider before undertaking a nose job, mostly lifestyle and health related. They include smoking, physical health, one is ready for the procedure, and when facial growth is complete. To undertake this, the patient should not be a smoker, because this has an effect on the nose. Physical health is crucial to ensure quick recovery; otherwise, it will take ages to heal. Readiness is good because it will fasten the healing process; facial growth will ensure the surgery is final.

Before the surgery, there is rhinoplasty consultation with the surgeon. This is why the choice of the surgeon is important. Select the one whom you are comfortable with. Whether it is in terms of experience or the qualification, by doing this, the whole process will be simple. The discussions will be professional because there are trust and free talking. During the consultation, the discussion will mostly be about the patient needs with regard to breathing and appearance, prior surgeries, current medications and other drugs, and the health conditions (allergies and previous medications). The surgeon will be responsible for performing tests to know the risk factors involved, explain all the surgery options, measure and examine the face, explain the outcomes and any possible complications, take photos, and recommend the treatment to use. The patient should be ready to ask questions; this will help in understanding the whole process.

The procedure

The patient may also be required to prepare for the procedure. This will entail stopping smoking, taking a lab test, adjusting or staying away from some medications, avoiding aspirins and anti-inflammatory medication because they increase bleeding. It is good to know the location where the surgery will take place, in order to arrange for transport. It is advisable to have a driver to and from the surgery, and someone to talk to before the surgery to reduce the anxiety, excitement or stress.

Choose a surgeon you can trust, but always consider one who is fulfilling all continuing medical education requirements on patient safety. It operates in a credited facility and is strictly ethical. There are mainly six steps involved:

  • Anesthesia – The medications are administered to ensure the patient is comfortable.
  • Incision – The procedure may be a closed (incision is hidden inside) or open one (incision is across the columella).
  • Reshaping the structure – This is done by removing bone or cartilage; sometimes it is an addition of cartilage grafs.
  • Correcting septum – If it is deviated, it’s straightened and projections removed to improve breathing.
  • Closing incision – This is done when the nose is in the desired shape, by redraping nasal tissue and skin.
  • Results – For a few days, the nose may require gauze and splints backing for support as it heals.

What Are Tummy Tucks?

Understanding what tummy tucks are.

With the increased developments in the fields of medicine and also in the associated technology, it has become possible to enhance the body through a surgical procedure in what has come to be known as plastic surgery. This has brought a whole new world of possibilities for nearly every part of the body that a patient may feel it is not having the right appearance. It basically involves the addition or removal of certain body parts by highly qualified surgeon doctors to make the body more appealing.

What is tummy tuck?

The professional term for the tummy tuck surgery is abdominoplasty. This is a surgical procedure done on the stomach to remove the excess tissue and fats from the tummy region and reconstruct the separated muscles to make the abdominal region smother and firm.

This procedure is more common in women who want to improve their shape, image and confidence. Though mostly found among those suffering from obesity, a sagging or lose stomach can develop in persons of normal proportions due to a variety of factors, including genetics. In most cases, exercises are able to eliminate the problem when combined with proper dietary practices. However, there are some scenarios that will not be solved especially those caused by genetics and also from the fact that the exercises are not a fun part, specifically with the majority of the people.

Despite all the wonderful news of the procedure, it should not be considered as a weight loss mechanism or replace exercising. As a matter of fact, if one is interested in maintaining the effect of the procedure, they should consider constant exercising and take the operation as a head start towards a fit lifestyle.

Why do you need a tummy tuck?

There are several reasons why one would need a tummy tuck procedure. In most cases, the reasons are encompassed around personal well-being and on appearance. As age gains on a person or even from heredity, one may notice some sagging in the stomach that does not have a good appearance. This, as a matter of fact, is a weakness and should be corrected through various means such as dieting and exercise; but when all that fails, a surgery is a sure way but preferred as a measure of last results.

Most patients taking on this procedure are women though the problem is also a big concern to men, but the latter have found a means of taking pride in the big tummy , are considered socially acceptable and in some cultures regarding as a symbol of financial ability. This is not the case and such beliefs should in fact be discouraged as they are leading many towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the notable reasons why people opt for a tummy tuck are discussed below.

Enhancing the shape

Initially common among the celebrities, this is actually the lead reason many result to the surgery. Flat tummies are always associated with beauty; and thus, in the case that an individual is going to have to show off their tummy, they need to ensure that it is beautiful. The surgery has proven to be a real success in achieving these results.


Directly attributed to the enhanced body shape, there is a gained level of confidence after a tummy tuck is done. This allows people to be able to participate in activities that could have been previously disturbing to them such as going to a gym or wearing a bikini. This in a big way influences the lifestyle of the persons and also their well-being. It makes them happy and proud of their body and it eventually improves their social life.

Caution on taking a tummy tuck surgery

Despite the numerous benefits associated with the exercise, there are a number of challenges that lay ahead and should be looked at before one takes the operation. At the top of the list is the aspect that the procedure should be as a means of last results when other measures have failed. This is because some of the procedures can be disfigured by events such a future pregnancy or surgeries. It should also be a priority for one to consult a professional and avoid fake doctors.